Travel Packing List: 10 Amazingly Useful Things to Pack in Your Suitcase

Travel Packing List

Travel plans are made. Check.

Tickets are purchased. Check.

Now it’s time to pack! Whether you’re a master packer with a detailed travel packing list, or the whole idea of what to bring causes hives, here are a few amazingly useful items you may not think to pack. The best news is you can most likely find these items in your very own home. No extra trip to the store required.

  1. Drinking Straws. Straws are not just for drinking. Simply cut a slit in in one end of the straw, insert a long thin-chained necklace (catching the clasp in the slit) and voila – no more tangles.
  2. Binder Clips. Use to clip hotel curtains together to block out light for a late morning sleep-in. Clips can also be used to keep travel receipts and other papers organized.
  3. Safety Pins. Personally, I never think of safety pins … until I need one! A great safety hack while traveling is to connect zippers together on backpacks, etc. to ward off thieves. On the fun side, safety pins will help keep pant legs from getting tangled in a chain during an impromptu bike ride.
  4. Blow Up Arm Bands. Simply blow up and insert over fragile purchases (wine bottles, oils/vinegars, etc.) and no messy accidents on the way home.
  5. Baby Powder. Taking a trip to the beach? A sprinkle of baby powder on your feet will help dry and brush-off pesky sand keeping it out of your suitcase.
  6. Duct Tape. A small roll of travel-size tape just may save the day! Although not very classy, a small piece is all it takes to patch a damaged suitcase, shoe or other item until you have more time and patience to find another solution (when your trip is over, that is).
  7. Zip Lock Bags. You can’t go wrong with a few of each size. A jumbo bag for wet clothes or laundry, a large bag for dirty shoes, liquids, etc. A zip lock can also be used to coral keepsakes (maps, menus, ticket stubs, programs, etc.)
  8. Power Strip. There’s nothing worse than being in an airport with more than one device about to die and only finding one outlet. A small travel strip is the answer.
  9. Bleach Pen/Spot Remover. When on vacation, accidents happen. Having a simple fix at your fingertips may save the day!
  10. Flip Flops. Maybe this one is obvious. But just in case it needs to be said … flip flops are not just for warm weather. After a long, active day on my feet the first thing that happens when I hit the car or hotel is to switch straight into flip flops no matter the weather outside. Comfort is everything!

What helpful items will you not leave home without? Leave a tip or two in the comments.

Happy Organizing,


  1. Elizabeth Wright on May 16, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Great info Kim!
    Can’t live without zip lock bags!
    If you forget something, Dollar Tree is a handy resource.
    Happy Packing! Elizabeth

    • Kim Cossette Andre on May 16, 2018 at 7:07 pm

      I completely agree, Elizabeth. Zip lock bags rock! I use them far more often for organizing than I do food.

  2. Gail on June 2, 2018 at 8:25 am

    SO glad to know about the straws for necklaces since I spent an hour the other night trying to detangle one of my favorite necklaces! :)

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