A Simple Solution for How to Organize a Small Closet

How to Organize a Small Closet

Over my years of helping overwhelmed clients transform their closets, I’ve noticed a common theme: no matter how big, small, custom or bare-boned a closet space is, many of us covet just a bit (or a lot!) more space. Sound familiar?

If so, before throwing up your hands and deciding you need to start from scratch and install an entirely new closet organizing system – try this simple approach first:

Maximize Vertical Space

First, assess your closet looking for any and all unused vertical space (this step assumes you’ve already purged your closet of all unwanted, unused stuff). Is there any available wall space? How about unused space along the floor? Or more likely, unused space at the ceiling level? Lastly, how accessible is the back of the door?

Next, here are some simple organizing tools you can use to maximize all that unused vertical space:

  1. Hooks. Strategically placed hooks on an empty wall can hold bathrobes, hats, purses, assorted accessories or any other item you need right at your fingertips.
  2. Valet Hooks. Different from the hooks above, a valet hook can be used for extra hanging space – either permanently, or as a temporary parking spot for incoming dry cleaning or pulling together an outfit.
  3. Extender Rod. Double the amount of hanging space by creating an extra layer underneath existing hanging clothes.
  4. Peg Board. Even the smallest strip of wall space can hold a pretty pegboard. Use it to hang jewelry, belts or scarves.
  5. Bookshelf/Furniture. A narrow bookshelf placed along an available wall can hold folded clothing, purses, or even shoes. A small chest placed under hanging space can hold linens, sweaters or off-season clothing.
  6. Clear Shoe Boxes. Seasonal or occasionally worn shoes can be stacked in several layers along the highest level shelf. Clear boxes are the best – making it easy to see what’s inside and easy to pull one box down at a time without having to disrupt the entire shelf.
  7. Shoe Bag. A clear shoe pocket organizer along the back of a door (or empty wall) can be used to store jewelry or other accessories, scarves, socks, or even beauty products. Again, clear is best so you can see what’s inside.

Try one or more of these simple solutions and your small closet space will be more spacious in no time!

If you too have small, cramped closets with limited storage space and would like a helping hand, simply schedule a free Discovery Call to learn how we can work together.

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