Paper Organization Challenge – Day 7: Purging Compromise

Paper Organization Purging

Yesterday we discussed the various types of paper you should easily be able to let go of (shred, recycle, etc.). How are you doing? If you’re moving right along – congratulations! If, however, you’re still thinking “The very minute I shred this document, I’ll be sorry!” or, “I just know I might need this some day!” then here’s a fantastic compromise:

Put all the paper you are fairly certain you can let go of (but just aren’t ready to actually do it) into a Bankers Box. Write an expiration date on the box (6 months from now, or even 1 year if you are really nervous about letting go), put the lid on the box and tuck it away. If you have not opened the box to retrieve a single piece of paper, or do not even remember what’s inside the box by the time the expiration date arrives, simply head to your favorite shredding service and hand over the box. Simple as that!

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