Paper Organization Challenge – Day 6: Time to Purge

Paper Organization Purging

Welcome back! Now that you’ve had an extra few days to contemplate the fact that perhaps you do not actually need all the paper in your life, it’s time to start purging (remember the 80/20 rule!).

To get you started, here is a suggested list of paper you can easily eliminate from your life and not even realize it’s gone … other than by noticing the beautiful empty space you create! Note: Please remember to shred any documents that contain your social security number, full account number, or any other private or privileged information.

  • Monthly utility bills that do not relate to a tax deduction (keep the latest statement for account information and proof of residency).
  • Monthly credit card statements that do not contain business expenses or tax deductions (keep until you are comfortable that the balance is accurate and that you have no issues regarding any of the charges).
  • Any other monthly bills that are not related to a tax deduction (again, keep the last statement or two for account information).
  • Warranties and owner manuals for items you no longer own, or those that relate to items you would not likely repair if broken (toasters, alarm clocks, etc.) As a matter of fact, many owner manuals can now be found online eliminating the need to keep a physical copy in your files.
  • Reference material which is either dated, or can easily be found online.
  • Expired policies.
  • Expired coupons.
  • Duplicate information.
  • Magazines, newspapers, or articles that you truthfully do not have time to read (again, you may likely be able to find the information online).
  • Any paper that you can live without!!

Your Challenge: get out a trash bag, your recycle bin and shredder and purge, purge, purge!

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