Paper Organization Challenge – Day 2: Broad Sort

Paper Organization Broad Sort

One day into our Paper Organization Challenge and it’s clear that the question of how to organize paper is definitely a hot spot! If the thought of spending time organizing paper makes you want to run away from home, stick with me and keep reading …

Yesterday’s action step was to simply gather all the loose papers you could find. How did you do? Did you look everywhere? Good!

Now that you have all your paper in one spot, the next step is to simply sort your papers into broad categories.  Start by gathering several boxes or bins and line them up in front of you. Then simply grab a handful of paper and begin to sort. Don’t get bogged down at this point by worrying about what you need to keep , or where you need to keep it (we’ll handle that in the next few days). The key here is to keep your categories broad. Each category will be looked at in more detail down the road.

Here are some suggested categories:

  • Business (if you are an entrepreneur, or work from home)
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • School
  • Family
  • Personal Interest
  • Receipts
  • Keepsake

And, of course, if you can easily identify trash, recycling or shredding … those are categories too!

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