Paper Organization Challenge – Day 12: Filing Supplies

Paper Organization Filing Supplies

It’s Shopping Day! It’s finally time to go shopping and stock up on all the filing supplies you’ll need to complete your file system.

Notice how far we’ve progressed into our Paper Organization Challenge before I even mentioned shopping for supplies! When purchasing supplies without going through the organizing process as we have (refresh by revisiting Days 1 through 11) it’s not even possible to know what supplies to buy, or even how much to buy.

The specific supplies you’ll need to buy will depend on the type of filing system you’ve selected (see Day 11). The quantity of supplies you’ll need to buy will depend on your unique categories (see Days 2 and 3) and how much paper you’ll be filing.

Here’s your shopping list:

  • File Folders (plain or multiple colors, depending on your system)
  • Hanging Files (one color or multiple colors, depending on your system)
  • File labels (if you intend to print labels from your computer) or a label maker (labels can be printed, peeled and stuck onto file folders or simply inserted into hanging file tab)
  • File storage. You will, of course, need a place to put all your beautiful new files. If you do not have a desk, file cabinet or any other existing file storage options and do not even have a dedicated place for file storage – take a look a portable file boxes or rolling carts that accommodate hanging files. Great places to look include all office supply stores, Target (and similar stores), Ikea and The Container Store.

If you have found other great locations to shop for filing supplies, please share by posting a comment below.

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