Paper Organization Challenge – Day 1: Corral the Paper Clutter

Paper Organization Corral Paper Clutter

Tax Season is officially underway. If you’re one of the ultra-organized souls and have already completed your tax return or handed everything off to your CPA – congratulations! If, however, just thinking about how to organize papers makes you break out in a sweat then subscribe to this blog (upper right corner) and join the Paper Organization Challenge. Over the next 21 days (the length of time it takes to form a new habit) I will provide a daily tip to help corral your paper clutter and give you simple steps on how to organize papers once and for all. Here we go …

Day 1: Corral the Paper Clutter

Before beginning any organizing project, the first step is to gather everything you want to organize into one spot. So, since paper is our subject matter, grab a box or a bin and get busy gathering any and all loose papers you can find (don’t worry about what’s already in your file cabinets or drawers). Be sure to check: counter tops, drawers, cabinets, your purse, the car, your briefcase or computer bag, and even the floor! That’s it for today.

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