Organizing Tip: The Most Common Organizing Mistake to Avoid

Organizing Tip - Avoid The Most Common Organizing Mistake - The Organized Approach

When the organizing bug hits – it’s common to want to run right out to the store to go shopping for containers.

There is the mistake! Why?

Getting organized is about creating systems that will help you find what you need, when you need it, with minimal stress (if any at all). Determining and implementing the right system takes planning and proper tools.

I can tell you from experience – containers purchased simply because they are pretty, cute, on sale, or whatever other reason they caught your eye, are not proper tools and more often than not don’t end up being used at all. In other words, they become clutter!

A better approach: The best organizing tip I can share is to plan before you go shopping.

Not until you determine what your system needs to be, will you be able to select the right containers. Ask yourself:

What am I trying to organize?
How much of it do I have?
Where will I be storing it?
What size does the container need to be?
What features will work best (lid, no lid, etc.)?

And the biggest question of all:
Do I already own something that will work?

Know the answers to these questions before you go shopping and you’ll come home with exactly the right tools to create the perfect organized system.

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