Moving Boxes: What You Need and Where to Get Them

moving boxes

House is sold. Check.

Moving day is scheduled. Check.

Now it’s time to pack!

If you have a professional moving company scheduled to pack A-Z – lucky you! If not, it’s overwhelming to know how to prepare. The number one question I’m asked by clients packing themselves for a move is, “how many boxes do I need and where do I get them?”

How Many Boxes Do I Need?

It’s difficult to try and assess just how many boxes are needed to pack an entire home (even for a professional organizer, so you’re not alone). Here are some great online moving supply calculators to help us all figure that out:

Home Depot

Where Do I Get Them?

Each of the links above, provide a way to order moving boxes and supplies directly online. If you’re looking for free or green, here you go:


The best sources for free supplies are your own stash, family, friends, and local vendors happy to unload free boxes. After that, check out:



If you’re interested in the green route – here are some options for renting plastic bins to pack, move and return. I love this concept!

Uhaul Plastic Moving Boxes

What great resources have you found for moving boxes? Leave a tip or two in the comments.

 Happy Packing,

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