Declutter Your Home FAST – 75 Easy Things to Get Rid of Today

As a new year begins, so does the ever-popular resolve to Get Organized! If getting organized is at the top of your own resolution list – as you’re cleaning up from the holidays and putting decorations away, what better time to go through your things, do a deep purge and start off the New Year clutter free!

“Out with the old and in with the new!”

Here are some room-by-room ideas to inspire you along decluttering journey:


  1. Expired food and condiments in the fridge
  2. Uneaten (and will not be eaten) leftovers
  3. Frozen food (especially if unidentifiable and covered in frostbite)
  4. Food from the pantry that is expired or you just thought would taste good
  5. Spices that are expired (hint: McCormick rectangular metal canisters are OLD!)
  6. Extra grocery bags (more will come. Every. Single. Week.)
  7. Chipped plates, glasses and other dishware
  8. 50% of your coffee mugs (just a guess)
  9. Food storage containers with missing lids
  10. Unused cookbooks (more recipes than you could ever cook are online)
  11. Old takeout menus
  12. Kitchen gadgets and appliances never used (especially those still in the box)
  13. Old sponges and scrubbers (just go ahead and start the year off clean and new)
  14. Stained and torn dish towels and pot holders
  15. Excess flower vases (keep 1-2 of each size and shape)
  16. Duplicate appliances and gadgets (you most likely have a go-to favorite and don’t use the others)
  17. Take out containers kept for food storage (not a particularly healthy choice)
  18. Teflon coated pots and pans that are scratched and flaking (again, another unhealthy item)
  19. Specialty cleaning supplies you no longer need (oven cleaner is a great example)
  20. Mystery items in the junk drawer


  1. Unread magazines
  2. Old remotes
  3. Throw pillows that no longer match or are flat and uncomfortable
  4. Unwatched videos – especially VHS (keepsakes can be packed and moved out of your everyday space)
  5. Old candles
  6. Décor you really don’t like (NOW is your chance to freshen up!)
  7. Board games with missing pieces or are no longer played


  1. Broken umbrellas
  2. ANYthing broken that was stuffed away to be dealt with later (later is NOW)
  3. Unworn coats and shoes
  4. Old vacuum cleaner accessories
  5. Extra shopping bags and totes (how many can you use at the same time?)
  6. Unmatched gloves
  7. Hats never worn
  8. Empty boxes


  1. Old calendars
  2. Dated electronics
  3. Chargers and mystery cords with no matching device
  4. Office supplies from a time-period when you actually worked in your office
  5. Instruction manuals for items no longer owned
  6. Books never read or will not be re-read
  7. Books with obsolete information


  1. Beauty product mistakes: wrong color, wrong skin type, just not for you
  2. Expired makeup
  3. Expired meds
  4. Sunscreen over 12 months old (start fresh each year)
  5. Old toothbrushes (how long have you been using your current brush?)
  6. Nail polish that has separated
  7. Old loofahs and bath sponges
  8. Perfume from another lifestyle
  9. Promotional makeup bags (use one to replace your current dusty one, save one for backup and donate the rest)
  10. Worn out emery boards
  11. Hair tools bought for an old hairstyle
  12. Worn razors
  13. Dried up lotion
  14. Half used hotel travel products collected over the years
  15. Dated costume jewelry
  16. Your button collection (have you ever sewn one back on?)


  1. ANYthing that no longer fits
  2. ANYthing that has long since gone out of style
  3. ANYthing that is torn, snagged or just plain worn out
  4. Old undergarments (especially if safety pins are involved)
  5. Wire hangers


  1. Keepsakes that don’t spark happy memories
  2. Holiday décor not used for the last several years
  3. Supplies to long-abandoned hobbies
  4. Scraps of ribbon and wrapping paper


  1. Unused paint – especially colors that are no longer in your house
  2. Unused sports equipment
  3. Styrofoam coolers that are damaged
  4. Old gardening supplies – especially if you no longer enjoy digging in the dirt
  5. Old lawn equipment no longer working
  6. Everything set aside for a garage sale (a donation run will clear the space immediately)
  7. Old real estate and security signs
  8. Old home improvement supplies used for a house that has been sold

Purge and remove the simple things first and you just may be surprised how motivated you’ll be to continue letting go of clutter that no longer serves you.

Happy Organizing,




  1. Juliet Anderson on January 3, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    Kim, I don’t know if I’m happy to say that it seems that almost EVERY SINGLE ITEM YOU LISTED applies to me!!!

    Oh well, guess you’ve got my number. Just hope I’m in good company!

    You’re the best!!!

    Happy New Year,

    • Kim Cossette Andre on February 21, 2018 at 11:10 am

      Juliet, You’re in good company indeed! Decluttering is an ongoing process for all of us – me too. Hang in there. You’re doing great.

  2. Elaine Mote on January 3, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    Really stepping on my toes!!!

    • Kim Cossette Andre on February 21, 2018 at 11:06 am

      Elaine, Sending you a huge High 5 on your progress. Give yourself more credit, my friend!

  3. Kate Principe on January 15, 2023 at 11:47 pm

    I still look forward to your emails! You will forever be my favorite organizing coach. Oh how I wish you lived closer to CT. I hope life has been mostly good to you. GA feels like a lifetime ago. I guess 2006 (when I moved up here) is kind of a long time ago now. I’m turning 50 on the 25th. That’s hard to comprehend. Wow. Maybe we could meet up on Zoom or Facetime sometime?
    Take care.

    • Kim Cossette Andre on January 18, 2023 at 2:46 pm

      How wonderful to hear from you. Thank’s for your kind words and vote of confidence! Surely missing working with you – but glad to know you’re out there reading. Will send you a note offline so we can make plans for a virtual meetup.
      Happiest Birthday to you,

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