Clutter Free Gift Ideas

clutter free gift ideas

Are you looking for gift ideas for someone special but find yourself a bit stuck over what to buy?

It’s likely no surprise I’m not a fan of giving (nor receiving) a lot of “stuff” just because a gift is in order. I a client struggling far too often with guilt over what to do with a gift that just didn’t hit the mark. I’ll tell you what happens with it – it gets stuffed into the back of a closet, and left there unloved and unused, but held onto out of love and respect for the giver. In other words, it simply becomes clutter! How sad. I’m sure this was never the intent of the giver.

So, if you’re still looking for that perfect gift idea that will actually be used and appreciated – here’s a simple solution: Give a Clutter Free Gift

In my own home, my husband and I have made a pact to gift each other “experiences” vs. “things.” I love this! For one, I can stay out of stores and make most arrangements on line which is already a bonus because I really, really don’t like to shop. Best of all, we have great adventures together and the memories last far longer than whatever “thing” we could have bought. A win/win for both of us.

Here are some clutter free gift ideas to give (and receive) this season – or any time of the year. Happy Shopping!

Gift an Experience

  • For those who like to learn: a continuing ed class at a local library or community college
  • For hobby fans: a cooking, dance, art or photography class
  • For more adventurous types: a day of indoor rock climbing, skiing, kayaking or boating
  • For culture fans: tickets to a museum, play, concert or art show
  • For just the pure joy of it: a massage, mani/pedi or day at the spa
  • For those who need some time off: a night at the movies, or overnight stay out of town

Gift a Membership or Subscription

  • For families: Season passes to parks, zoos, museums
  • For the traveler: a National Park pass
  • For the reader: a magazine subscription or Kindle book
  • For the commuter: an Audible or Satellite Radio subscription
  • For the TV buff: a Netflix or Hulu subscription
  • For a new driver: a AAA membership

Give a Donation

For those passionate about a cause: make a financial or physical donation in their name.

Give Yourself

Sometimes the most thoughtful and best gift of all is you!  Offer a day of no-interruption, fully-focused personal time with YOU.  Make yourself available and enjoy.

Give the Gift of Organization

Last, but not least, do you know someone special who would love to get rid of their own clutter once and for all (including all those unwanted gifts received over the years)? Check out my program, The DIY Approach, where you can gift a personalized 30-day action plan to get organized!

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