Paper Organization Challenge – Day 14: Magazines

Paper Organization Magazines

Are you a magazine junkie? If your answer is yes, I understand! I’ll openly admit right here to all of you that I am very attached to my magazines. In today’s Paper Organization Challenge we’re going to cover exactly how to organize magazines so you’ll get your money’s worth and actually enjoy these treasures! First, take…

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Paper Organization Challenge – Day 12: Filing Supplies

Paper Organization Filing Supplies

It’s Shopping Day! It’s finally time to go shopping and stock up on all the filing supplies you’ll need to complete your file system. Notice how far we’ve progressed into our Paper Organization Challenge before I even mentioned shopping for supplies! When purchasing supplies without going through the organizing process as we have (refresh by…

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Paper Organization Challenge – Day 10: Receipts

Paper Organization Receipts

Today’s topic is receipts … those tiny scraps of paper that seem to enter our lives and multiply almost daily! Wondering what on earth to do with them? Believe it or not, there are more options than tossing them into a shoe box. Here are some simple strategies and tips to help you organize your receipts one and…

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Paper Organization Challenge – Day 5: 80 20 Rule

Paper Organization Challenge 80/20 Rule

Welcome to Day 5 of our Paper Organization Challenge! If you’ve been following along, you should have all your loose paper gathered into one spot, and sorted it all into broad categories. And finally, the papers that still need your attention should be sorted into a desktop file box. Way to go! I imagine you’re…

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