Paper Organization Challenge – Day 5: 80 20 Rule

Paper Organization Challenge 80/20 Rule

Welcome to Day 5 of our Paper Organization Challenge! If you’ve been following along, you should have all your loose paper gathered into one spot, and sorted it all into broad categories. And finally, the papers that still need your attention should be sorted into a desktop file box. Way to go! I imagine you’re…

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Paper Organization Challenge – Day 4: Action Files

Paper Organization Action Files

For today’s Paper Organization Challenge, we’re going to cover organizing paper that still needs your attention. Now that you’ve spent a few days sorting your papers into broad categories, it’s time to start taking a closer look at each category. Let’s begin by dealing with the pile that you may have called “To Do,” or “Action.” These are…

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Paper Organization Challenge – Day 2: Broad Sort

Paper Organization Broad Sort

One day into our Paper Organization Challenge and it’s clear that the question of how to organize paper is definitely a hot spot! If the thought of spending time organizing paper makes you want to run away from home, stick with me and keep reading … Yesterday’s action step was to simply gather all the…

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