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Paper Organization Action Files

Paper Organization Challenge – Day 4: Action Files

By Kim Cossette Andre

For today’s Paper Organization Challenge, we’re going to cover organizing paper that still needs your attention. Now that you’ve spent a few days sorting your papers into broad categories, it’s time to start taking a closer look at each category. Let’s begin by dealing with the pile that you may have called “To Do,” or “Action.” These are…

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Paper Organization Sorting

Paper Organization Challenge – Day 3: And Sort Some More!

By Kim Cossette Andre

Welcome new readers to our Paper Organization Challenge! We’ve just begun a new 21 day Challenge on how to organize papers and if you’d like to “play along” (as one reader stated), simply check out the posts for Days 1 and 2 and you’ll catch up with us in no time. For those of you who are participating,…

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Paper Organization Broad Sort

Paper Organization Challenge – Day 2: Broad Sort

By Kim Cossette Andre

One day into our Paper Organization Challenge and it’s clear that the question of how to organize paper is definitely a hot spot! If the thought of spending time organizing paper makes you want to run away from home, stick with me and keep reading … Yesterday’s action step was to simply gather all the…

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Paper Organization Corral Paper Clutter

Paper Organization Challenge – Day 1: Corral the Paper Clutter

By Kim Cossette Andre

Tax Season is officially underway. If you’re one of the ultra-organized souls and have already completed your tax return or handed everything off to your CPA – congratulations! If, however, just thinking about how to organize papers makes you break out in a sweat then subscribe to this blog (upper right corner) and join the…

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