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Project Notes: How to Declutter Before Moving

By Kim Cossette Andre

I was recently contacted by a client looking for help with a large moving project. Her goals: Get her current home decluttered and presentable for listing as quickly as possible. Help identify and pack belongings that won’t be needed for several months – which can then be moved over to the family’s new home (the…

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Declutter Your Home FAST – 75 Easy Things to Get Rid of Today

By Kim Cossette Andre

As a new year begins, so does the ever-popular resolve to Get Organized! If getting organized is at the top of your own resolution list – as you’re cleaning up from the holidays and putting decorations away, what better time to go through your things, do a deep purge and start off the New Year…

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How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home Fast (But Smart) When Company is Coming

By Kim Cossette Andre

Entertaining and opening up your home to friends and family should be a happy experience. I suspect, however, that for many wondering exactly how to declutter your home in time to be ready for company is stressful and leads to that inevitable last-minute dash to simply hide clutter in absolutely any nook and cranny you…

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