4 Life-Changing Reasons to Make Your Bed

Reasons to Make Your Bed - The Organized Approach

By now, you’ve likely heard of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I mention it here because I love the momentum the book is giving to the concept of “tidying up” and I completely agree with her belief that “tidying up” will change your life.

However … if you’ve read the book but find the idea of dumping every single article of clothing you own into a huge heap on the floor all at once is not for you – no worries.

In my mind, creating simple, daily habits and routines is the place to start – and the #1 super-simple-life-changing step you should consider first is:

Make Your Bed

Every. Day.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. Yet, how many times have you raced off in the morning with an unmade bed thinking:

  • Why bother wasting my time, I’ll just mess it up again tonight. (Tip: carry this attitude through your day and you’ll end up with a whole heap of mess!)
  • No one will see it. (Tip: YOU will and YOU matter.)
  • I don’t have time. (Tip: Really? This should take 2 minutes max.)
  • After all, it’s just a bed … what’s the big deal? (Tip: It’s a life-changing HUGE deal.)

4 Reasons Why Making Your Bed IS a Big Deal and WILL Change Your Life:

1. It’s Easy

Simply pull up the sheets (tug to remove any creases), pull up any top layers, fluff the pillows and you’re done in 2 minutes or less. Simple as that.

Why is easy such a big deal? Consider this: if the investment of 2 minutes or less at the beginning of your day has the potential to change your life (read on) why not give it a try?!

2. It Sets the Tone for the Day

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

This one simple act has the potential to set the tone for a full day of good habits. Imagine feeling a sense of accomplishment before the day even begins. Carry this discipline and feeling of accomplishment into your day and who knows what other tasks you’ll be motivated to check off with ease for the pure pleasure of keeping that feeling alive!

3. One Neat Space Leads to Another

If “clutter attracts clutter” then it’s logical for the reverse to be true as well.

Once your bed is made, you now have a beautiful, giant, clutter-free zone in the middle of your room. Nice! But then, you begin to notice pockets of clutter here and there.

At this point, something interesting may begin to happen: 

You may think, “Well, heck – it only 2 minutes to get this far and I like what I see. How about I take just another 2 minutes and tidy up a few more things.” Do this each morning for a week and you’ll have a peaceful, relaxing, neat, clutter-free sanctuary to sleep in. Every. Night.

Which leads to the last life-changing benefit of making your bed …

4. Better Sleep

Study after study tells us a good night’s sleep is key to health and happiness.

This makes sense to me.

What also makes sense is the fact that crawling into a well-made bed with clean, smooth sheets at the end of a busy day is far more relaxing and stress-free than the alternative. Which means, of course, better sleep!

So, if the benefits of a simple 2 minute task in the morning carry all through the day and end with a better night’s sleep…. I consider THAT life-changing indeed.

Why not give it a try. Make your bed tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And see what happens. Simple as that.

Once you’ve mastered the habit of making your bed, consider adding another habit or two to your daily routine. In no time, you’ll be heading toward the beautiful, organized sanctuary you deserve. Talk about a good night’s sleep!!

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Happy Organizing!

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