14 Tips for Creating a Well-Organized Linen Closet

linen closet

Linen closets can be a jumbled mess – or an organized masterpiece. Shifting from one to the other is easier than you think.

With just a bit (or a lot) of editing and applying some simple organization and storage solutions you can create the linen closet of your dreams and here are some great linen closet organizing tips to get you there:

1. Edit

The first step in any organizing project is to take an honest look at what you have and let go of what you no longer need, use or want. 

To do this right, take everything out of your closet and sort into 4 piles: 

  • Keep: If you’re super tight on space, 3 sets of sheets and towels per person is really all you need (1 set in use, 1 set in the closet and 1 set in the laundry).
  • Donate: Pass on anything you haven’t used in a while – especially all those mismatched, orphaned and random linens from who-knows-what-decade!
  • Toss: Linens in poor shape can be recycled into rags, or donated to an animal shelter.
  • Belongs Somewhere Else: A linen closet (especially a small one) is not meant to be a catch-all closet. Now’s the perfect time to pull out all the random clutter taking up valuable space.

2. Add shelf liner to wire shelves

Not a fan of wire shelving? Simply add shelf liner for a quick, super-easy upgrade. No more small items falling through the cracks.

3.  Sort

Want to know the easiest way to stay organized? Keep all like-items together. Simple as that! Sort through your linens and group them by:

  • Category: Bath towels, beach towels, sheets, table linens, seasonal, etc.
  • Size: Categories can be further sorted by size.
  • Sets: Go ahead and group all matching sets back together.

4.  Pay attention to folding

The easiest way to fall back in love with your linen closet is to fold everything the same way with all patterns facing the same direction. This just takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference.

5.  Store sheet sets inside a pillowcase

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Simply tuck the bottom sheet and top sheet inside its pillowcase to create a neat bundle. No more stray parts!

6.  Use the right shelf

This may seem obvious, but store every day towels and bed sheets on the easiest to reach shelves of your closet – usually the center 2 at eye level. Less often used items should be stored further out-of-the-way toward the top or back of the closet.

7. Use shelf dividers

Keep all your categories separated and neatly stacked with super easy to install shelf dividers.

8. Use Labels

Labels are your best friend when it comes to staying organized. Label shelves and containers or pin tags directly on linens to clearly identify what’s what. No more confusion or wasted time looking for anything.

9. Store table linens and bulky bedding on hangers

Tablecloths can be stored on oversized hangers and hung in a hall or guest closet. Bulky comforters or blankets can be hung in a guest or bedroom closet.

10. Use Vacuum Bags

Bulky items can also be sealed into vacuum bags and put back in the closet or stored elsewhere in bins.

11. Roll Towels

Still tight on space? Try rolling your towels and stacking them on top of each other or placing them vertically in a basket. An added bonus: you’ll feel like you’re at a spa!

12. Maximize Floor Space

If there’s an open space at the bottom of the closet, tuck in a basket or rolling cart with drawers to hold extra toiletries or toilet paper. This is also a good spot for any bulky items like a vaporizer or air mattress.

13. Maximize Vertical Space

Still need more storage space? Go vertical. Wall hooks can hold laundry bags or cleaning tools; over the door organizers can hold everything from cleaning supplies to toiletries and medicines.


14. Use Baskets and Bins

Add the finishing touch with baskets and bins. It’s best to select bins after you’ve edited, organized and decided what lives where. This way you can select the perfect size and quantity of bins to keep all your hard work in its proper place.

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