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Download your free guide: "The Approach Method" How to Organize Anything and Everything in 8 Simple Steps to learn how to create a beautiful organized home you'll absolutely love to come home to. Every. Single. Day!

Professional Organizer, Kim Cossette | Atlanta GA | The Organized Approach

Do you dream of a beautiful, peaceful, organized home?

Download your free guide: "The Approach Method" How to Organize Anything and Everything in 8 Simple Steps to create the beautiful, organized sanctuary you deserve!

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Do you aspire to walk into your home at the end of a busy day and say, “Ahh, there’s no place like home?” But instead, you open the door and say, “ugh!”

Home should be a welcoming space – for you and your loved ones. A space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. A safe haven. Yet, achieving true balance between the demands of daily life and maintaining an organized home can be a difficult tug of war. Here’s the good news: by making thoughtful choices on what possessions to keep, as well as where and how to keep them, it’s possible to make room for what’s truly important in life!

Begin your organized journey today by taking these simple steps:

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Browse around to get an idea of the ways we can work together. If you're still uncertain just what it will take to make your vision a reality, simply move on to step 2 and together we can select the right path for you.

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Drop me a note and let me know a bit about your organizing challenge and I’ll respond to you within 24 business hours.

Or, if you prefer to talk, Schedule a free Discovery Call.

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Be sure to grab a copy of The Approach Method: How to Organize Anything and Everything In Your Home in 8 Simple Steps.

G. Henderson

Lawrenceville, GA

“My main problem was knowing where to start. I’d look at the totality of the problem and get shell-shocked. Kim came in and within one session, my kitchen went from being completely unusable and cluttered to a well-organized thing of beauty. She teaches the tools you will need to be able to maintain your work together and continue on your own.”

J. Briskin

Johns Creek, GA

“Kim is a delight to work with! She has helped me in so many ways to take years of clutter in my home and organize it in a way that works very well for my family. Everything has a place that makes sense and can easily be found. I would never have been able to do this without Kim’s help. The stress relief I have felt to be able to organize my entire home from top to bottom is immeasurable.”

E. Wright

Lawrenceville, GA

“Kim is fun and easy to work with. I would recommend The Organized Approach to anyone wanting to save time and stress. And best of all, not only does Kim get you organized, she provides an added bonus of creating a beautiful space.”